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Enhancing Patient Care: The Crucial Role of Engagement Between Visits

Why ongoing engagement between appointments is essential for enhancing patient adherence to care plans and retention.

September 2023

NAMI Maryland Partners with Uneo Health

The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Maryland has partnered with Uneo Health to provide mental health resources to young adults.

August 2023

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Navigating the Shift: Mental Health Considerations for Students Transitioning from School to Summer

The final school bell rings, signaling the start of the much-anticipated summer break. It's a time of year often associated with joy, freedom...

August 2023

Baltimore Times - App Helps Connect Young People to Mental Health Support, Resources

Prosper app receives coverage in Baltimore news with a focus on connecting young adults to mental health support.

June 2023

Eye on Annapolis local business spotlight

The Uneo Health team spotlighted in a podcast discussing the importance of our mission and why we are the right team to tackle this problem.

June 2023

Uneo Health signs multiyear license agreement with large mental health agency

A new partnership between AACMHA, AACDOH and Prosper, focusing on connecting young people to support and services.

May 2023

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Prosper self care App Announcement

Uneo Health launches its first solution, Prosper, to help teens and young adults find wellness resources to address the growing mental and physical health crisis.

January 2023

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Findhelp Announcement

Uneo Health announces partnership with findhelp to expand the critical resources made available to its Prosper app users.

December 2022

Podcast (January 2023)

Uneo Health was excited to have Michael S. Barr, MD, MBA, MACP, FRCP share his insights on how health plans are thinking differently when it comes to addressing quality measure and value based health care improvement.

Podcast (December 2022)

Eric Sullivan speaks with the Maryland Rural Health Association (MRHA) executive director, Jonathan Dayton, on how leveraging the Prosper platform can improve access challenges in rural settings.

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NEDA Announcement

Uneo Health Announces New Collaboration with National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to Support the Health of Generation Z Youth

September 2022

Podcast (October 2022)

Dr. A. Janet Tomiyama, UCLA professor and member of the Uneo Health Scientific Advisory Board recently sat down with one of our Gen Z interns, Katie Boetig, for the inaugural Let's Talk podcast to discuss the challenges and opportunities in engaging Gen Z with weight loss

Check out Uneo Health's Let's Talk podcats on Spotify here on

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Seven Practical Self-Care Practices

Few practical self-care tips from Therapist Aid (2020) and Psych Central (2016)

July 2022

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There are so many resources to help our youth - but few can find them

There is a vast, disparate set of resources that are completely disconnected from how teens and young adults access information.

June 2022

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Insights from Generation Z to get us thinking

A summary of our wellness survey with over 250 high school students in the US

May 2022

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The Other epidemic of our youth - prediabetes

The importance of focusing on diabetes prevention in our youth.

April 2022

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