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We are on a mission to change how the healthcare ecosystem engages with consumers

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We know the numbers

1 in 3 teens and young adults struggle with their mental health and more than 1 in 5 have experienced a symptom of depression. It goes beyond mental health, 1 in 5 likely are on track for developing diabetes (currently have prediabetes) which has its own impact of overall wellness. These numbers are getting worse, especially for underserved communities.

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A patchwork of solutions

There are thousands of nonprofits, providers, and technology platforms that all play a role in supporting our communities. Yet for many people, navigating the myriad of websites, portals, and one-off apps is just not effective. We have to simplify the experience.

It's time for a change

To effectively engage our communities, we need to think differently. No longer is it acceptable to mail, phone, or email them about their health - especially when it comes to addressing important challenges like anxiety, body image issues, prediabetes, and related psychosocial issues.

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