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Introducing Prosper, a mobile app to help young adults find wellness resources to address the growing mental and physical health crisis

Today we are announcing the launch of Prosper, a wellness app to provide a wide range of self-care tools, educational assets, and links to healthcare resources including health plans and providers to support the user’s wellness journey. As a free consumer app, Prosper reduces the barrier of entry for access and links the user to resources to support important healthcare challenges facing Gen Z and Millennials including anxiety, eating disorders, prediabetes, and body image.

There are over 127 million Americans in the younger adult and teen generations that struggle with their wellness. The Surgeon General in 2022 announced that one in three have mental and emotional challenges. It is also known that one in five have evidence of one or more symptoms of depression (CDC). These statistics are worse for non-white populations. For example, whereas overall prediabetes impacts one in five teens and young adults, for those that are African American or Hispanic the rate is closer to one in four. Additionally, Prosper provides educational content to support those from underserved populations including focused content for both LGBTQ and BIPOC users.

Uneo’s proprietary algorithms embedded in a gamified smartphone app create a personalized, consumer-centric digital platform that is easy to use and leans into how younger generations consumer information today. The “social media” approach to linking the user to healthcare resources presents an exciting opportunity for Uneo Health customers including Medicaid health plans, providers and clinics, school systems and colleges, and nonprofits to connect their resources directly to the younger user.

Since late in 2022, Uneo Health has forged several important healthcare industry partnerships including with the National Eating Disorders Association and with findhelp. There are additional partners to announce in early 2023 that play an integral role in providing both the content of the Prosper app as well as enabling connected resources for the Prosper user.

The app is available for free to users at www.prosperselfcare.com.

“We are passionate about creating a consumer-centric, engaging bridge to help health plans, employers, clinics, and community resources more effectively reach and help the younger generations.,” said Eric Sullivan, chief executive officer and co-founder of Uneo. “As we continue to expand our partnerships and customer base that offers wellness services, we expect the experience in Prosper to continue to get richer.”