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Increasing Student Engagement with the Prosper App by Uneo

By Dr. Nikki Poindexter Ham

In this day and age, technology dominates our educational systems. In that regard, the Prosper App created by Uneo is an important step when it comes to making sure students stay engaged. Packed with tools and resources for self-care, this app is free and easy to use. As a result, it helps improve engagement levels of students who use it.

A Foundation in Wellness

When all is said and done, there’s no way around the fact that wellness plays an integral role in academic performance. If you feel healthy both mentally and physically, then participating in class becomes easier. This app gives students quick access practicing self-care so they can get through their studies with resilience.

Self-Care Plans Tailored to You

What makes these personalized plans so powerful is their ability to be tailored specifically to what each student needs most. Everyone learns differently, which means we all need different motivators too. This platform offers mindfulness exercises, stress management techniques and physical wellness activities so that every student finds something that helps them study better.

Building Emotional Intelligence

It’s very hard to create successful relationships or regulate your own emotions if you can’t understand them yourself. That’s why emotional intelligence is key for school success and engagement levels on campus as well. To help kids figure out how they work emotionally speaking, this app has a variety of resources available for personal experience sharing purposes.

Support Through Community

The virtual support network created by users’ experiences on the Prosper App might be its biggest strength overall. It’s comforting for struggling students know they’re not alone at times, especially during difficult classes or project groups. Feeling like you are part of something bigger than just yourself will boost engagement tenfold because people feel more connected to each other.

Resources Outside Classroom Walls

Lastly, this app connects students to a variety of resources that will help them with both mental health and self-care. Sometimes people just need a little extra help, and being able to get it when they do is important. By serving as this bridge between students and the help they may need, the Prosper App ensures that everyone will be supported so that they can succeed.


Technology has invaluable resources in supporting student engagement. Focusing on the overall wellness of our kids’ generation, this app provides personalized plans for their self-care journey. It helps them build emotional intelligence so relationships come easier, fosters community support to let them know they aren’t alone in their struggles and gives resources for when academic work gets too hard to handle by themselves. In their search for ways to better engage their minds, Prosper App is a good resources for educators and school counselors.