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Integrating Prosper App from Uneo and ASCA Mindsets and Behavior

By Dr. Nikki Poindexter Ham

Technology plays a crucial role in education nowadays. It helps student engagement and wellness, two things very important to a students performance. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) has outlined the Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success. This is an evidence based and research based guide guide to help support the development of academic, career, and social/emotional success. The free self-care platform called Prosper App by Uneo perfectly complements this guide, offering a modern tool to aid students in achieving these essential mindsets and behaviors.

Bridging Mental, Social/Emotional, and Physical Well-Being

Prosper Apps main purpose is to develop the whole self as ASCA’s first mindset says. They provide resources for mental health, emotional regulation, and physical wellness. Their hope is that students use their app with the intent of maintaining a healthy balance between all three.

Fostering a Supportive School Environment

Through its community features, The Prosper App can be used to support one another with ASCA’s second mindset in mind; promoting acceptance, respect, and inclusion. By giving students an opportunity to share their journeys on the app it will only make them feel more connected with other users who may be going through something similar.

Encouraging Positive Attitudes Toward Learning

The resources provided on mindfulness and stress management can directly influence students’ attitudes toward work as stated by ASCA’s third mindset. When students learn how to deal with stress they tend to bounce back quicker which promotes positive thinking.

Enhancing Self-Confidence and Belief in Success

Tools in the app designed specifically for bettering yourself such as self-awareness and emotional intelligence are there so that students can build confidence within themselves as mentioned by ASCA’s fourth mindset. As they do this over time they’ll then believe in their own abilities for when it comes to setting high standards for their academic and personal endeavors.

Supporting Lifelong Learning and Success

ASCA’s sixth mindset says that it is important to highlight the importance of postsecondary education and lifelong learning. This is what Prosper App does. Its resources help encourage exploration, curiosity, and self-improvement so that students can recognize the value of continuing their education after they graduate.

Promoting Learning Strategies and Self-Management Skills

The toolkit that comes with Prosper App enhances student’s learning strategies and self- management skills. That way they’ll have an easier time navigating through any academic challenges they may face in the future. “Benefits of using the app”

Enhancing Social Skills for Success

Prosper App provides social features to help students develop better communication skills, empathy, collaboration, etc. These are all skills needed for positive relationships both personally and professionally.

The Prosper App by Uneo is a technology-powered and well-being based tool for student engagement; it is aligned with the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success. As educators and counselors evolve their approaches to supporting students’ holistic development, the Prosper App is an essential modern solution that helps drive success from within.

By combining tech with direct educational outcomes, this integration facilitates the message of whole student development in creating the best possible learning environment. Everyone involved has more ways than ever to help students thrive.